Sunday, July 22, 2012

Your Bulimia Summer Recovery: Fire Up The Barbie – Or Fire Barbie!

Hot sizzling barbie (BBQ) on fire, browning the marinated meat in something delicious – wafting smell, unmistakable reminder of abundant array of food available in the scene. Be it a beach side gathering of a few  or back garden family soirĂ©e of many – scantily clad bodies seem to be all around you, warm weather cheque mating you with no where to hide in layers of clothes. Summer is without a doubt the most tormenting time of the year for any eating disorder sufferer trying to recover anywhere!

Summer comes with holidays or vacation time with school, college or even work offering you no redemption in the “structure” that used to keep you, your bulimia or binges and purges at a somewhat manageable pace! Minutes, hours and days now at your disposal – your thoughts of food, eating, loathing of your body all gets in to hyper drive! You may logically conclude others are happier, more at peace and able to enjoy their life somehow more than you with self and with others. Yet to you spending the time with your self or family and friends comes with dread or anxiety that plummets you back down to more chaos and more gruelling disorderly ways.

You force your self to interact; turn up to parties, summer wedding or any social gathering – your heart is not in it – your mind is million miles away.. in to comparison of how things are not with you or how it is with others. “People pleaser” and “approval seeker” in you, works over time. Perfectionist in your strives for the Barbie proportions of your flatter stomach, skinnier thighs, slimmer frame, prettier or more pleasing face. In your mind the list goes on and on, tapping in to despair, depression and detrimental vicious cycles only too familiar to you.

Q: Isn’t it time you picked up the mythical Barbie-wannabe idealism and inflicted prison sentence and threw it in to the scorching flames of the summer Sun?

The crazy frenzy of insecurities, chaotic obsessions and compensations has robbed you of many summers in the past! Isn’t it time, you went against the grain of your bulimic ways and fired up that old you? The one that was in touch with reality, who knew what moment to moment happiness of summer was all about. That younger version of you long before bulimia, who knew how to sit among sun-tanning amigos and welcome the fun, freedom and fantastic times of unstructured adventures of the days in the sun!

You may hopelessly admit defeat, muttering that you “Don’t know how to be that old you anymore!” Not knowing how to embrace life again and making the most of every  summer, like eating disorder never even happened. All seems so long ago now!

Well here are 6 tips to step in to that Confident older You:
1)      Reduce anxiety by planning ahead of time for events, outings and socials
2)      Take time out to self care. More relaxed you are the better you’ll handle  situations, people , food issues and bulimia better.
3)      Make a weekly schedule with enjoyable events as well as planned unstructured time to condition you to expect the unexpected.
4)      Seek out daily inspirational things you can do and enjoy .
5)      Catch up on things you’ve always been putting aside ..but never get around to doing. Sense of accomplishment and satisfaction will be such a feel good tonic!
6)      Each night pick 3 things you are thankful for happening or attributes in you for making it happen. Gratitude ensures balanced mind away from toxic thoughts. 

Social situation that involves eating food, drinking or meeting up with difficult people could have triggers written all over for you. Be prepared to face some of these with the right knowledge or approach so you can grow out of bulimia.
If you would like to know how to deal with your specific feelings, behaviours over interactions with others, as well as food trigger situations around summer – then join me this Thursday 26th July 2012, for some specific strategies, tips and useful approaches that can be resourceful rather than avoid summer or life all the time.

You can access this free 50 minute Summer Strategies Webinar at 9pm UK , 4pm EST, 1pm PST. Register and get your call details as well as the LIVE recording if you are unable to make the call, you can listen in your own free time.

For now enjoy your summer!

With warm wishes

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