Thursday, August 23, 2012

BULIMIA STABILIZER - Your 7 Day Challenge - Starts NOW!!!

Hello Lovely Bulimia Beaters!

Hope the summer has been fruitful and your bulimia recovery is flowering beautifully with vibrant hope and happy moments?

If the summer so far has left you feeling disillusioned, despairing and darn right disgusted with your self and your progress..then this free 7 Day quest  called BULIMIA STABILIZER CHALLENGE may be the kick you are looking for, in order to stabilize your chaotic ways, bring down the binging and purging, boost up the sense of peace away from anxiety and make you be on your way to a "Bulimia STABLE start" in time for the 1st of September!

Curious? Then visit my Bulimia Hope page on Face Book TODAY..join the community and grab your Orientation Instructions NOW !

Start Date of the 7 Day Bulimia Stabilizer Challenge : 24th of August 2012

Daily Quest with specific therapeutic tasks, will be given on this Community page you can take action against your Bulimia.

Mike Melville once said : “ What you want to do, and what you CAN do, is limited only by what you can dream”. . .  If you have ever dreamed of a better place in your life bulimia free.. then take the chance.. take the challenge and start changing for the better NOW! 

See you on the other side !

with much love & warm wishes 


Vathani Navasothy
You Tube: Bulimia Hope