Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bulimia, Weight Stigma Awareness Week, Your Q&A Solution Webinar With Vathani Navasothy - Eating Disorder Specialist

Your Free Webinar Q&A Solutions :This Thursday 27th September @ 9pm-10pm UK / 4pm-5pm EST / 1pm-2pm PST

This week marks the 2nd annual Weight Stigma Awareness Week (Sept 23rd - 29th)..initiated by Binge Eating Disorder Association. 

The Awareness week hopes to dispel any misconception, stigma, discrimination that goes on around us all the time : be it at your work or home in even the most personal relationships , let alone the school bullying our children face due to their size or weight - prompting them to eat maladaptively and entering 
in to an "ON OFF " diet cycles and eventually give way to eating disorders ! 

A world probably very familiar to you, if you are already  reading my Bulimia Hope Blog. 

Here's your chance to join me LIVE : Vathani Navasothy, 
some one specializing in Eating Disorders like Bulimia & Obesity this Thursday ..and make a stance for a change , help your self or your loved one from these harmful effect, as I walk you through some simple strategies that can help your current situation or that of a loved one ! 

I invite you to share your dilemma confidentially, as I would dearly love to offer you specific tools, solutions and recommendation to your personal situation .
Here are just some suggestion areas for your questions :
* Causes of Obesity & Eating Disorders like bulimia
* Child Obesity & Bullying
* Toxic Relationships & your Body Image
* Work Weight Discrimination & your Options
* Body Empowerment -Your Self Care & Self Esteem Tips
* Effective communication & Assertiveness ....& more based on your question's needs!

LIVE Event on: 
Date: Thursday 27th 
Time : 9-10pm UK (4pm-5pm EST/ 1pm -2pm PST)
To get the Telephone dial number : Please mail me
To post Question in CONFIDENCE AND or to join me LIVE click:


NB: Save & Click the above link, even if you are unable to make the LIVE webinar ! No opt is required on this occasion.
Recording will be available instantly for 7 days . I can still answer your question, if you post it in time before 7pm this Thursday. So don't miss the opportunity to ask & be helped with a dilemma or two ! Thank you.

If you want to access this event details: look me up on Facebook Event :  https://www.facebook.com/events/369032039842636/

With warmest wishes 


Vathani Navasothy
Adv Dip Eat.Disor; Dip Obesity Mgnt; MSc. BSc; Dip Couns; CertHyp; AAMET Practitioner; Dip Spo.Psy
Bulimia / Eating Disorder & Body Image Specialist

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Does Your Head Feel Chaotic with Bulimia, Your Life Disorganized & Stressed?

Eating Disorder like Bulimia will make you head hurt with chaos and it's not long before you slip in to disorganized life full of stress!

Hello Bulimia Beaters!

Weekend is another addition to your usual bulimia chaos and then some more !
Am I right ? In the absence of week day structure, there's no telling how erratic your binging and purging becomes with added stress of social pressure and family commitments !

When your head feels chaotic and disorganized , what is the 1st behaviour that you turn to , in order to numb out the stress ? Excessive binging and purging, exercising manically, abusing the laxative that is pilling on the number of tablets each time, or other form of self indulgence or distraction ..so you don't have to give it much thinking space that often makes you feel guilty, ashamed, or angry with your own self !
Now add to this your perfectionist streaks of wanting things to be right and perfect the first time..and knowing at times it wont make the grade reinforcing the sense of failure even more .

Sound familiar ?

We often reach out for the quick fixes.. rather than actually resolving or dissolving the burden that weighs us down. Instead we opt to suppress it..hoping it will go away.. but bulimia makes sure that it NEVER truly  does! Pressure builds up, and more compounding effects piles on, result is only too easy.. more of the very bulimia behaviors you hoped you wouldn't need ! Toxic cycles of the disorderly eating, feeling, thinking continues.

Here's a suggestion, when your head starts to swim in all direction and you find your self starting to drown in the bulimic chaos of what you have to do each day ..here are some areas you can focus on to bring back a  sense of Solid ground under you when your bulimia overwhelms you:

  • Take Time out for Self Care 
         - Even 5-10mins away helps!
  • Still your mind in a quiet place & Breathe ! 
         - So easily forgotten..we become a ball of tight mess!
  • Master Time Management 
        - Knowing the difference between urgent and important is a skill.
  • Be Realistic about your daily expectations 
        - That means avoid cramming more than you can chew!
  • Be OK to leave out a task for another day 
       - Let go of perfectionist steak, to have all done TODAY!
  • Ask for Help or Support from a Lovedone 
       - We don't have to do it alone.. no shame in asking either.
  • Instead of bulimic quick fixes, turn to developing your self & skills 
       - Invest in your self.You're worth it!

Rest will come when you start to nail the above, I promise! 

Each day is a learning curve..so rather than letting the gem of what you learnt yesterday be forgotten, make a plan each day ..so you KNOW what you WILL do different today, tomorrow and any time in the future ! 
That comes with making a conscious process of logging your self growing daily away from bulimia .. be it on a self journal ..diary...a  note , a letter .or text to your self ....method isn't important...but the doing is the key! 

Stay well ..& have a great Friday ahead of your successful weekend ! 

I'll be writing to you soon! 

With love & best wishes 
Vathani Navasothy

www.BulimiaHope.com (for Counselling and therapeutic services )
www.facebook.com/BulimiaHope - for your weekly therapeutic help from me, a Bulimia Specialist 
www.youtube.com/user/bulimiahope  - for helpful videos on your Bulimia Recovery and Bulimia Treatment

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Raving Hype & Raspberries Diet Claims on Media like Facebook and Google !

If you are reading this, you are either curious about the diet claim associated with our Adele having lost 2 stones oweing to recent diet or interested on some level about the truth about the benefits for Raspberries for it’s true merits. Then you have come to the right place ! 

You know September has arrived when you are bombarded with diet adverts once again all over the media , just in time to make their killing from you for Christmas ! Read on!

Have a Facebook account or surf the net and use Google a lot.. then this is something you have already seen, praying on your vulnerability to want to lose some more pounds or stone.. 

The implication that Adele ever even followed any diet involving raspberries is just as vague and false as their ever changing raspberry pill name changes. The last thing we need is the likes of Dr Oz publically seen to be supporting this and hyping this to be the miracle cure for all! 
Ok bit of about the suspect in question: Raspberries!!!
Raspberry had many traditional use and these traditions world over still practiced:

In China, they used it for it’s cleansing properties of liver and kidneys, so it resulted in blood toxins being cleaned out.
Far East also used this to treat men’s concerns over impotence, premature ejaculations.
Ripe berries used for eye sights, whilst unripe berries mimicked Oestrogen effects so benefited female sex organs.
In ancient practices it was your recommendation for excessive urination or irregular menstrual cycle. If you suffered from anaemia, or want to bring about labour during childbirth.. then the richness of Ironin the berries helped.
Western herbalism uses raspberries to help Indigestion and Rheumatism .

We now know it does reduce the effects of pollution and tobacco induced cancers thanks to the neutralizing effects of  Ellagic acid on cancer causing substance . Provides rich Iron and stimulants for childbirth as well as acting as a powerful Antioxidants to prevent premature cell damage..Most berries do this too .

Effects of phytonutrients like Quercetin, Lutein, Myricertin and Ellagic acid with their antioxidant properties found in our raspberries are influential in reducing our Heart Diseases, and many types of Cancer.

The rich source of Vitamin C Potassium and Tannic acid in the berries not only helps to boost our immune system but also fight any viral infection.

The appeal of Rasberries in weight controlling diet is this: They are rich in fibre yet low in calories(25 calories for every 100g of raw berries.. SAME as other berries like Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Loganberries and so on).  Gooseberries are the only berry type that has more , closer to 54 calories per 100g of berries.
Remember out of this 100g, our Raspberries will owe it’s 87g of it’s weight to simply water.. just like other berries so what you get in not going to show on your scale !
I can tell you that it being the sweetest of all the berries , it’s appeal to hit that sweet craving spot is what partly makes the whole low-fat diet claims sooo appealing..so people are not going to object..
Otherwise there’s not much in it when compared to other berries..which are all classified these days as part of the Super Food title for their additional benefits.

Your 100g portion will give you 16% of your Folate requirement and 80% of your Vitamin C daily requirement.. so there are not down shot to this fruit unless you happen to be pregnant and  you took high dose of childbirth easing raspberry infusion when you are in your early stages of pregnancy that could result in premature contraction of your uterus wall. You could abort your baby .

So now let me BUST those claims they are making about the Raspberry Ketone based diet Pill ingredient when combines with colone cleansing pill , one by one : 1st their claim below

"SlimTone" Raspberry Ketone has been clinically proven to:

  • 4 Times More Weight Loss Than Diet and Exercise
  • Boosts Energy
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Promotes Cardiovascular and Digestive Health
Unless you see research numbers starring at your face with digits with carefully controlled CONTROL study over LONG period of time.. the very beginning of their claim is something you ought to take with a pinch of mega salt!
You also don’t know if their clinical trial consisted on mere 50 people or 50000 people to make it scientifically just !

After all even 30 people out of the 50 claiming they saw or felt difference would look very solid on paper because they would form their significant 50% of their sample population !!!

For any clinical study to be worthy of it’s claim to the general population without misleading on false hope..it has to have thousands of volunteers with blind study in comparison.  My 1st degree in physiology taught me this very basic human courtesy! You don’t even need that..but just your common sense will scream out this TRUTH!

  • 4 Times weight loss than Diet and Exercise : Lets look at this, shall we?.. WHRE is the evidence as proof? Bunch of small time  lab gimmick: blown up balloon in nitrogen tub infront of Dr oz's audience is NOT my proof for this hard claim without revealing to me the exact numbers, control stats, long term sustainability of that weight loss.. Nor should this be your proof people ! Demand more before you ring in your credit card to order your crates of synthetic tablets with just high dose of raspberry extracts! You can get that by going to your local super market and stocking up from your fruit counter. 2ndly, long term studies, I mean 50year long studies with all the parameters ticket off has already shown us what factors contributes to healthy weight loss and keep the weight off for life.. so this splash in the pan out of weight loss desperation motives shouldn’t cloud your judgement or ability to delve a little more . You owe your body and mind that!
  • Boosts Energy
Of course it’s going to!  Over few weeks, when we having lost that extra weight due to body’s water loss .. psychologically we are going to subjectively and objectively feel the lighter us.. this is TURE for any quick fix diets you embark on.. not unique to Raspberry keton diet. Notice they are even having to hitch a ride on colon cleansing tablets to make it all worth while for any victim tempted to buy..Ethical Bribe.. in a form of something that already reputed to hit a nerve for most us.. You are better off either cleansing your colon on a regular basis your self through fruit acid rich food or go get a Colonic clean out !  

  • Rich in Antioxidants: I have already established this above.. and to drive home my point, these exist in abundance in MOST if not all berries! 

  •  Promotes Cardiovascular &  Digestive Health :Promotes Cardiovascular & Digestive Health : Again this is established ..and true of all berries  with their goodness , nutrients, and high fibre content ..not just Raspberry in question. They wouldn’t owe it to this pill..but general nature of the benefit of most berries, due to it’s additional perks in maintaining health and aiding healing or preventing ill health. Not unique to their pill ingredient alone!

Ok I think I am done on the physical aspects.. let me begin on their hidden false claim approaches on a more psychological nature..just like ALL other short lived DIETS that never has the longevity one usully hopes for when taking out their credit card or cash out!

  • Psychological euphoria attached to their wild frenzy on FB and media everywhere – these are target market , intended for a short bust of high visibility. Otherwise known as Gorilla Marketing .. what’s the impact of having seen this type of subliminal impressions? You are more likely to BUY with more impression they buy and get you to be associated with!
  • Positive packaging : Don’t be fooled ! Throwing wild claims at the back of something that is already GOOD in it’s nature or nutrient allows them the right to appear virtuous when theirsmall print between their claim is the one is major question.. IF you were to challenge it, they can very easily re-quote on the virtues of Raspberries..and you would be silenced.. but ask them on the claim of weight loss over long term..they be stunned in to silenced by YOU ! 
  • Psychological Dependency ; Fostering sense of lack of self efficacy  from within: As I therapy this one is very close to my heart! Each time you embark on a gimmick diet .. you are entering it with the belief that you don’t have the control over weight, when truth couldn’t be future ! You are in effect trusting in a source outside of you, for redemption and not appreciate it is more of what you are and what you do that will make the long term difference to your appearance , weight and self esteem. Each time you buy , try and fail..you are reinforcing the sense of failure and your own distorted view that you are beyond help! Do you really need another diet to amplify what you don’t wish to feel about your self ? 
  • Implication of another diet like this to you bulimia recovery , is even more conflicting.. as you would be popping pills on one hand, but on the other hand conflict of believing it to be healthy, but you are far better of even binging on hundreds of punnets of raspberries from your local supermarket! 

Ok I have started.. but no where near finish.. so I may have to continue this on another blog to you.. ! 

Don't let the Raspberry team blow Raspberries at our naivety Bulimia Beaters!
Have a great day !


Vathani Navasothy
Bulimia Specialist @ http://www.BulimiaHope.com