Monday, February 22, 2010

International Eating Disorder Awareness Week 21-27th February 2010

Good Day to you all Bulimia Recovers!

Today marks the start of the International Eating Disorder Awareness Week!

To kick this off, we at BulimiaHope have lined up a free 60minute, informative and helpful Question and Answer Teleseminar for you TODAY !

Yes that's today Monday 22nd of February at 7pm GMT if you are in UK, 2pm EST , 12pm PST, and 6am EDT if you are in these time bands.

Don't miss your opportunity to post a question on your bulimia struggles, bulimia help request, motivation solutions, bulimia treatments and recovery advice.

As a treat you will also hear from a client speak about her own journey to bulimia you can be inspired and see how real the possibilies of your recovery, truly is !!

To register and get your call details click this link :

Even if you cannot make the call LIVE, you will get call recording PROVIDED you register..

So do register now and accelerate your bulimia recovery!

With warm wishes

Vathani Navasothy
Bulimia Specialist

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BULIMIA RECOVERY - 2 free ways to help beat your Bulimia during EDAW 2010 (21-27Feb)

Hi Everyone !

The International Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2010 is almost upon us !

So we here at BulimiaHope have decided to host TWO opportunities for you to seek that help easily , effortlessly and at no cost to you at all.

This offer wont be repeated, so if you are sitting on the fence about your bulimia recovery..time to act is NOW !!!!

Option 1:

Join our Question and Answer Teleseminar on Monday 22nd of February for an hour at
7pm GMT / 2pm EST / 11am PST.
Click on the link below to register and get your call details:

NB: Recording will be available after the if you cannot attend, still sing up and post your important question to we can answer it for you during the call.

Option 2:

Drop-in Day on the 23rd February
Time : 9am-9pm GMT / 4am-4pm EST / 1am-1pm PST

Would you like some advice, support or information to recover from your bulimia?
Either come along in person or speak to us over the phone (no matter where you are) to take advantage of your FREE one hour session.

This one day Drop-in Service can provide a flexible bulimia support service for anyone who do not necessarily want an ongoing counselling right now, or if you are uncertain about the best sort of support for your bulimia then this may be a good starting point.

During the hour you will have an opportunity to discuss whatever problems or issues that are causing you difficulties in your every day life. Although this is not a full counselling session as such, it will provide you with some safe space and time to consider how your bingeing and purging , laxative abuse or over exercising habits are affecting you and explore possible ways forward.

Please DO BOOK your appointment in advance. No sessions can be offered without it!

To book your one hour face to face or telephone session, please ring UK 0208 653 7177 or
e-mail me at

You have nothing to lose and every bit of freedom to gain. So what would motivate you to feel better today?

Get in touch, no matter where you are in the world !

warm wishes

Vathani Navasothy
Bulimia Specialist / Counsellor/ Group Facilitator / Broadcaster / Self Help Author