Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bulimia Self Help: Free E-Book Virtual Tour

If you are contemplating Self Help for your Bulimia Recovery and Bulimia Traetment plan..then you wont want to miss this free 60minutes Virtual Tour.

Date: Monday 28th March
Time : 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST
Duration:60 Minutes
Format: Webinar with slides (requires your PC/Lap top/Internet access
Register by clicking here

Do check this out !

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free Bulimia Help:Your Last Chance for This Week !

Just a quick reminder about the Free one hour questions and answers, Bulimia Teleseminar recovery and treatment help..based on YOUR bulimia concerns , questions, struggles & dilemma .

Date: Thursday 24th February 2011
Time: 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST
Duration: 60 Minutes
Call Registration:

Call recordings will be available to those who register..along with MP3 download option!

Don't want to join in or speak?...Not a problem!.. Sign up...get the call details.. and just listen in!

DO remember to post me your question by TOMORROW (24th @ 4pm GMT latest), so I can provide you my guidance, support, help or advice to you!!

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Bulimia Specialist from

Monday, February 21, 2011

Eating Disorder Week Is Here ! Your FREE Bulimia Help

Millions of people are suffering from Bulimia Nervosa world over!

World of a bulimic or a binge eater could be alarming, littered with depression, dejection and despair. Most sufferers with their damaged body image and low self-esteem, have a seriously unhealthy relationship with food and their mental attitude.

You don't have to be part of this statistic !

What horrifies me is the sheer number of people undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed by their own doctors, without the special knowledge in eating disorders. Silently sufferers hope, going to a diet club or following a restrictive meal plan will cure them of their disorderly eating and unhealthy mind, and we know this doesn’t work !

The diet mind set only amplifies the existing bulimia. This is why we at BulimiaHope, feel passionatly about offering frequent opportunities or affordable treatments to help empower those who really need that timely diagnosis and treatment solutions.

We want BulimiaHope to give back people, their hope and a healthy body-mind connection which is their birth right!

Do visit our website : to join all the FREE activities and offer of help during this eating disorder awareness week folks!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bulimia Help & Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2011 : 21st - 27th Feb.

To all our Bulimia Fighters everywhere!

Did you know 13% of our year 2011 has already gone! .. leaving us with the remaining 87% to focus on your bulimia recovery and path of lapse free life.

If this shocks you, or makes you skeptical about your bulimia recovery with the same old patterns that repeats it's self every year that goes by ....perhaps it IS time to do something different to break this vicious cycle and restore your hope and faith that you will beat bulimia!

What better timing too as the International Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2011 is less than a week away!!!

We at BulimiaHope have scheduled two FREE opportunities for you to seek that timely bulimia help easily , effortlessly and from the privacy of your own home - no matter where you live in the world!

It can be very easy to procrastinate and put off this recovery chance, allowing your overwhelming sense of despair to numb you in to inaction. OR you could seek to help your self in order to claim your life back ..Time for act is SOONER than later.. whilst this is still fresh on your mind!!!!

Your Bulimia Recovery Option 1:

Drop-in Day on Wednesday the 23rd February
Time : 8am-9pm GMT / 3am-4pm EST / 12am-1pm PST
*Booking essential prior to the session*

Would you like some advice, support or information to recover from your bulimia?
You can come along in person or speak to us over the phone or use Skpe with webcam(no matter where you are) to take advantage of your FREE one hour session.

This one day Drop-in Service can provide a flexible bulimia support service for anyone who does not necessarily want an ongoing counselling right now, or if you are uncertain about the best sort of support for your bulimia then this may be a good starting point. Although this will not be considered a counselling session, you will have an opportunity to consider the impact of how your bingeing and purging , laxative abuse or over exercising habits are affecting you and explore possible bulimia treatment options that suits you in a safe and confidential space.

You can book this appointment by calling UK 0208 653 7177 or e-mailing me at .

Your Bulimia Help Option 2:

Join our Question and Answer Teleseminar on Thursday 24th of February, for an hour at
8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12am PST. You can post me your question, concern, dilemma or challenges about any bulimia treatment or bulimia recovery, and have it answered on this call. As long as you register, recording will be available after the call..(perfect even if you cannot attend on the day, just sing up and post your important question to me - for a limited time call recording , also a downloadable MP3 version will be made available to you).
What could be easier ?

Click on the link below to register and get your call details:

If your freedom and bulimia recovery matters, then get in touch or take part in these free help/events during the eating disorder awareness week..and MAKE a difference to your happiness, before the year really does run out on you!

With warm wishes

Vathani Navasothy
Bulimia Specialist / Counsellor/ Group Facilitator / Broadcaster / Self Help Author

Monday, February 14, 2011

For People With Eating Disorders, "I Love You!" Should Start With "I Accept Me!"

As many of us world over celebrate the fun , festivities and fest of romance on this day of St Valentine’s day – there is a group of people who can barely accept who they are , what they look like in the mirror or what they have come to do! They are abundant with eating disorders like Bulimia, anorexia, binge eating behaviours, with the good dose of toxic self loathing, self hatred, and self dismissal instead .

For those of you struggling to accept who you are, what your body looks like or what it goes through when food enters the picture – relationship with others comes with it’s own share of challengers and problems.. You may be lucky enough to allow love or romance in to your life, but saying you like your self is not nearly as easy as saying you “I love you!” to another!!!

In fact many of you reading this, cringe at the mere thought of accepting your self, let alone come to love that bulimic self or bulimic body of yours! Yet declaring love to another seem much much easier; in fact becoming self-less seems almost all the rage for some.

So how do you break this vicious of cycle of self hate? The answer lies in your ability to forgive your self first , with all your perfectionist tendencies ...impossible.. it is not!

We at BulimiaHope can help you fall in love with your self once again! We can help you appreciate and honour your inner beauty you DO possess! We can help you look at your self naked, without the bulimia tinted glasses, but instead communicate that self love to attract abundant , admiring and adoring love your way!

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovely readers!

You are worthy of this universal love ..self love ….and love of others !

Visit us at to claim your self loving self back by learning the art of self forgiveness

with warm wishes