Thursday, January 12, 2006



Clear blue skies, warm turquoise sea and white sandy beaches… A luxurious trip to the Bahamas may be the answer for the rich and famous that suffers from bulimia – like in the case of Lindsey Lohan! But what about the rest of us, where do we go for bulimia treatment?

Skipping through glossy magazines; many of us sit back with a heavy sigh, and a hint of admiration or even envy for the A list Celebrities; we wish that we too could do something to cure our Bulimic ailment and have a treatment that we can all afford!

Well, the recent launch of a bulimia self-help e-book, could not have arrived at a more opportune time! Solving the worries of affordability at a fraction of the price of a Bahamas treatment centre. This much-valued book is now available to you, with a click of a mouse, in the comfort of your own home. The “Conquer Bulimia Success Program” is the music to our ears, which many of us have been waiting to hear. Comprehensively written by specialists in the field of Eating Disorders, this self-help guide offers strategies, techniques and tips that will change your Bulimic life in 8 weeks, inside-out!

Mark Dobryniewski, founder of says, “ Provided our customers are serious about their recovery, and commit to working through the whole book, I would seriously doubt if they weren’t very excited about their new, transformed Bulimia free life”. He added: “There is no other book quite like this one!” As more and more sufferers find themselves demoralized and down hearted after the recent festivities – this promises to give them with new hope and lasting success!

Mark Dobryniewski
Help for Bulimia Treatment

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