Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bulimia Success, Happiness, Freedom, High Self-Worth?
How much do you do really want it?

Life can be a dream come can also be a bit of a mindfield..or even a nightmare!
Are you fed-up with:
  • Suffering with bulimia long enough, and want your life back?
  • Your secret bulimic addiction rulling your every thought?
  • Your bulimia hurting the people you love the most?
  • The bingeing and purging overwhelming you?
  • Not reaching your full potential?

There is another way!

Imagine yourself using range of powerful, practical and proven strategies that have been used successfully by sufferers to achieve excellent results?

The time to make that chage is NOW!

Top UK Bulimia Specialist, Counsellor and facilitator Vathani Navasothy, will help you to get rid of the blocks that get in the way of you achieving the Bulimia Recovery you've always dreamed of.


  • Getting rid of the toxic bulimic limiting thoughts that hold you back
  • Having the skills to overcome bulimia and achieveing all your goals in life
  • Being more motivated about bulimia recovery, than you ever thought possible
  • Succeeding in being happy with your life and looking forward to your better future
  • Establishing a wonderful relationship with food, self and others
  • Enjoying success in all areas of your life
  • Having the unshakable confidence to love who you are - both inside and out!

What are you prepared to do, to get to the success you deserve?

Invest just ONE day and learn how to live your dreams..Bulimia Free!!

Begin the process of change now or continue to do what your've always done and continue to get what you've always got!

Book your place now on 1 Day Workshop in London (UK): Beat Bulimia - Your Pathways to Bulimia Recovery and begin to re-design your future!

To book online - visit

2009 Dates:

28th February , 29th May , 10th October

London Venue : TBC-London (UK)

Your investment: £90

Vathani has helped hundreds of Bulimia sufferers to create the life they really want - find out how she can help you.

Register on the website to receive your Free Report on "Top 20 Tips on how to heal your teeth and swollen glands naturally" + your one hour FREE Counselling session (phone or in person)

E-mail us at or call us on 0208 653 7177 if you want more information or you wish to book your place on the workshop.

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