Thursday, September 10, 2009

In What Way Can Bulimia Harm You?

People suffering from bulimia may suffer even more with long-term effects. Obsession on physical image, weight and self-esteem issues are some of the components that make up bulimia. If not recognized or treated immediately, it could lead to even more dangerous effects like physical and psychological damages or even death. Why do you think most sufferers seek out a counselor instead of a doctor for their bulimia recovery, it is because the emotional trauma is a lot more painful than the physical effects.

Bulimic patients often start by obsessing on their weight that later on urges them to take extreme measures in order to avoid weight-gain. Taking laxatives and diuretics as well as purging after binge eating is rampant in cases of bulimia.

Doing these regularly and purposely may cause some serious harm in the body. The person suffering from bulimia may experience any of the following: ulcers, heart problems, digestive problems, bad breath and sore knuckles.

Psychologically, the bulimic patient may eventually suffer from depression as well as extremely low self-esteem. There’s no saying what other effects the person is susceptible to if he or she does not surrender to a bulimia recovery program.

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