Friday, February 17, 2012

Your Daily Bulimia Help on Facebook & Bill of Rights Self Esteem Booster For Bulimia Recovery

Hello Bulimia Busters!

How is your Bulimia recovery coming along ?

If you are lacking in some daily injections of inspirations to quit bulimia.. then check out my Facebook Page Free Eating Disorder Awareness Week Help , specially allocated to help sufferers like you get that free incentive to seek treatment advice, recover with the right kind of advice, tips, hints, and provoking thoughts without cost being the issue.
So it's all FREE!!!

This daily tips, advice, strategies and inspirations are available right thorough the month of February and through till the 10th of March DO take advantage of it now .

I also have another little bonus for you, to build, increase and boost your self esteem, personal skills, whilst working on your eating disorder treatment, seeking help with eating, and figuring out how to be assertive in your every day life. Watch this short video on Personal Bill of Rights you ought to practice daily to improve self esteem and body image you can once again learn to love you for who you are, without bulimia dis-empowering you!

I wish you great joy in being YOU and a speedy recovery!

With warm wishes
Vathani Navasothy
ps: Remember to register for your Free Bulimia Recovery Q&A

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