Sunday, November 30, 2008

FREE Teleseminar on Bulimia Recovery

Hi there!

Thanks Giving is over, but Christmas and New Year celebrations are still just around the corner..with much dreaded party season!

For some of you..surrounded by triggers, this is the time when you feel most vulnerable and insecure, with your hidden bulimic tendencies runnning riot!!

Perhaps you are unsure about embarking on a long journey of bulimia recovery? Perhaps you are hoping for a clean start in the New Year with treatment or therapy instead?

But what about now? Will you knowing allow your self to get worse before getting that cruicial help?

Why not join me, on a monthly teleseminar to learn how to manage your self and get over the worse of the temptations and anxieties around the festivities..or take advantage of this free help to give you a kick start to beat bulimia for life?

Simply go to and click on the Beat Bulimia teleseminar link and sign-up.

Unable to make the next call? No problem, as call recording will be made available to you for 30days if you you wont miss out on this free help for bulimia recovery with full of tips, strategies, solutions and advice that really works!

What have you got to loose, except perhaps your bulimic ways?

To really get the benefit, don't just join the call on the phone or webcaste (your choice)..but do post me your burning question about your recovery..So i can answer that on the call.

So go ahead and sign-up and get posting with your question to me!

Hope to see you on the next call !

Take care for now

With warm wishes


Vathani Navasothy
Co-founder of Bulimia Hope / Bulimia Counselor

1 comment:

saloma said...

deaaar Avanthi,
honey thanks alot, wonderful topic... keep up the Godd work.

Look i used to be Bulimic for the past 7 years, but this is my fifth day after breaking free.. i do want to change, i want to be normaaaaaaal... now i have my three mean meals, i don't let myself be hungry... i do this treatment on my own, up tell now i didn't seek help from a doctore, but i'll if I fall.

this is the fifth day and im happy,i feel i'm a pure honest girl, i dont have to tell lies or fake stories about my eating styles during the day,

the therapy's programes are too expensive, but all what i need is encouragement and tiny informations that can keep me away from this damn Bulimia...

thanks again,