Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Diet Or Not To Diet!

To Diet Or Not To Diet!

Ok it has been a while since Mark or I (Vathani Navasothy) wrote something here!

Research shows most of you suffering from Bulimia, find the autumn months of October.. leading in to the winter right through to few months in to the New Year, the hardest part of the whole year..You may be already wondering about jumping straight in the ocean of yet another diet..I thought NOW is the time to jump in with you and guide you to the safer shore away from bulimia and in to the paradise life you want to live in .

Festivities like Halloween, Thanks Giving, Rememberence day, Christmas, New Year are just a few that fall on our fall calender filling us with temptations around food and feasting !

In addition the ending of warm, sunny, summer leaves behind craving for more of the same, whilst our mood tends to hit that all time low with SAD kicking in for good measure.

So how do you muster up the strength to work on a life free of bingeing and purging, in the abscence of laxatives or diuretics or even the crazy increase of exercise activities..?

Your first step is to resist the temptation to sign up for another quick fix diet club, or embark on any calorie controling activity or purchasing lotions or potions that claims to have you walking around light as a feather in no time at all! If that mean locking away your credit card or tightly tieing your purse strings..then let the time of this credit crunch actually help you make matters better for your recovery from Bulimia!

Second step, stay tunned for my weekly top tips and exporation work that will guide you to recovery inch by inch till you have fully beaten bulimia!

Sounds like a plan? Well it is ..Let your 1st day of your rest of your life starts here today!

If you don't want to wait for weekly help, support or helpful intervention on your self, but want the same outcome at the pace you can control..then visit and discover how you can fast track your bulimia recovery .

Take care for now!


Vathani Navasothy

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Bulimia Blogger said...

Christmas time is the worst because food is so much a part of the tradition.

Without eating Christmas dinner it feels like you're not celebrating Christmas at all.

Throwing it up seems so difficult as it's like throwing Christmas away.

Vathani Navasothy said...

You are right !

X 'mas for most is so food is the one central feature of every aspect of social gathering and activities!

Hard to avoid, but leathal if you don't know how to manage your self equally!

If food doesn't get you down...., for some it is the alcohol consumption in excessive amount that will!

I shall cover that here stay tunned!

Warm wishes