Friday, September 21, 2012

Does Your Head Feel Chaotic with Bulimia, Your Life Disorganized & Stressed?

Eating Disorder like Bulimia will make you head hurt with chaos and it's not long before you slip in to disorganized life full of stress!

Hello Bulimia Beaters!

Weekend is another addition to your usual bulimia chaos and then some more !
Am I right ? In the absence of week day structure, there's no telling how erratic your binging and purging becomes with added stress of social pressure and family commitments !

When your head feels chaotic and disorganized , what is the 1st behaviour that you turn to , in order to numb out the stress ? Excessive binging and purging, exercising manically, abusing the laxative that is pilling on the number of tablets each time, or other form of self indulgence or distraction you don't have to give it much thinking space that often makes you feel guilty, ashamed, or angry with your own self !
Now add to this your perfectionist streaks of wanting things to be right and perfect the first time..and knowing at times it wont make the grade reinforcing the sense of failure even more .

Sound familiar ?

We often reach out for the quick fixes.. rather than actually resolving or dissolving the burden that weighs us down. Instead we opt to suppress it..hoping it will go away.. but bulimia makes sure that it NEVER truly  does! Pressure builds up, and more compounding effects piles on, result is only too easy.. more of the very bulimia behaviors you hoped you wouldn't need ! Toxic cycles of the disorderly eating, feeling, thinking continues.

Here's a suggestion, when your head starts to swim in all direction and you find your self starting to drown in the bulimic chaos of what you have to do each day are some areas you can focus on to bring back a  sense of Solid ground under you when your bulimia overwhelms you:

  • Take Time out for Self Care 
         - Even 5-10mins away helps!
  • Still your mind in a quiet place & Breathe ! 
         - So easily forgotten..we become a ball of tight mess!
  • Master Time Management 
        - Knowing the difference between urgent and important is a skill.
  • Be Realistic about your daily expectations 
        - That means avoid cramming more than you can chew!
  • Be OK to leave out a task for another day 
       - Let go of perfectionist steak, to have all done TODAY!
  • Ask for Help or Support from a Lovedone 
       - We don't have to do it alone.. no shame in asking either.
  • Instead of bulimic quick fixes, turn to developing your self & skills 
       - Invest in your self.You're worth it!

Rest will come when you start to nail the above, I promise! 

Each day is a learning rather than letting the gem of what you learnt yesterday be forgotten, make a plan each day you KNOW what you WILL do different today, tomorrow and any time in the future ! 
That comes with making a conscious process of logging your self growing daily away from bulimia .. be it on a self journal ..diary...a  note , a letter .or text to your self ....method isn't important...but the doing is the key! 

Stay well ..& have a great Friday ahead of your successful weekend ! 

I'll be writing to you soon! 

With love & best wishes 
Vathani Navasothy (for Counselling and therapeutic services ) - for your weekly therapeutic help from me, a Bulimia Specialist  - for helpful videos on your Bulimia Recovery and Bulimia Treatment

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