Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bulimia, Weight Stigma Awareness Week, Your Q&A Solution Webinar With Vathani Navasothy - Eating Disorder Specialist

Your Free Webinar Q&A Solutions :This Thursday 27th September @ 9pm-10pm UK / 4pm-5pm EST / 1pm-2pm PST

This week marks the 2nd annual Weight Stigma Awareness Week (Sept 23rd - 29th)..initiated by Binge Eating Disorder Association. 

The Awareness week hopes to dispel any misconception, stigma, discrimination that goes on around us all the time : be it at your work or home in even the most personal relationships , let alone the school bullying our children face due to their size or weight - prompting them to eat maladaptively and entering 
in to an "ON OFF " diet cycles and eventually give way to eating disorders ! 

A world probably very familiar to you, if you are already  reading my Bulimia Hope Blog. 

Here's your chance to join me LIVE : Vathani Navasothy, 
some one specializing in Eating Disorders like Bulimia & Obesity this Thursday ..and make a stance for a change , help your self or your loved one from these harmful effect, as I walk you through some simple strategies that can help your current situation or that of a loved one ! 

I invite you to share your dilemma confidentially, as I would dearly love to offer you specific tools, solutions and recommendation to your personal situation .
Here are just some suggestion areas for your questions :
* Causes of Obesity & Eating Disorders like bulimia
* Child Obesity & Bullying
* Toxic Relationships & your Body Image
* Work Weight Discrimination & your Options
* Body Empowerment -Your Self Care & Self Esteem Tips
* Effective communication & Assertiveness ....& more based on your question's needs!

LIVE Event on: 
Date: Thursday 27th 
Time : 9-10pm UK (4pm-5pm EST/ 1pm -2pm PST)
To get the Telephone dial number : Please mail me
To post Question in CONFIDENCE AND or to join me LIVE click:


NB: Save & Click the above link, even if you are unable to make the LIVE webinar ! No opt is required on this occasion.
Recording will be available instantly for 7 days . I can still answer your question, if you post it in time before 7pm this Thursday. So don't miss the opportunity to ask & be helped with a dilemma or two ! Thank you.

If you want to access this event details: look me up on Facebook Event :  https://www.facebook.com/events/369032039842636/

With warmest wishes 


Vathani Navasothy
Adv Dip Eat.Disor; Dip Obesity Mgnt; MSc. BSc; Dip Couns; CertHyp; AAMET Practitioner; Dip Spo.Psy
Bulimia / Eating Disorder & Body Image Specialist

www.BulimiaHope.com (FB Page: "Bulimia Hope" )
www.AwakeningDawn.com (FB Page: "Hope.Apply.Change")

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