Thursday, June 06, 2013

Artificial Sweeteners, Sugar Substitution And Your Bulimia Recovery

Sweet n Low..... Splenda....Equal....

Am I whispering sweet something in your ears? 
Are you happy and glad you have found sugar substitutes in the arms of these artificial (and some natural) low calorie Sweetener options? 

You SHOULDN'T be !

Bulimic or not bulimic , you may consider yourself to have a Sweet Tooth!

Having heard about chemical compounds like Aspartame or Stevia, you may even be on the hunt for healthy sugar substitute that does not have side effects or dangers attach to it? 

Sadly the lowdown on these low calorie substitute is, no matter what you use - you are MORE likely to depend on them psychologically and physiologically ..AND feel justified eating MORE of what you would not otherwise be eating, thinking you are being safe away from the consequence of fat or weight gain! 

Binging only becomes more easier, with this false reassurance you offer yourself ! 
Be warned, it always comes with a price to your bulimia recovery! 

Truth about artificial low calorie sweeteners are, they are generally toxic, addictive neurochemically , not to mention actually end up suppressing your otherwise healthy Appetite Suppressant Brain Feedback loop! So you end up over eating and gaining more weight out of the inability to stop when full or satisfied enough. Additionally consider this: your are already struggling with bulimia and the effects of crazy Sugar-insulin dynamics is already off the chart each time you binge, so the low levels of Serotonin in your blood combined with possible low blood Zinc that triggers binge eating, you really are in trouble no matter what WILL -POWER you try to apply !
 The world out there is becoming more twisted as we speak, when the manufacturers of the artificial sweeteners are now forcefully BUYING Medical experts, Psychologists , and Scientists - ethical people who once used to defend vulnerable public from the harmful effects, many side effects of artificial sweeteners, what otherwise has significant psychologically addictive chemicals that delude people like you are now batting for the other side . What would be the effect on people like you, who are already fighting an inner demon with bulimia , so you would continue to grow your dependency on them, while they fatten their wallets! 

So what can you do :

  • Develop a Blind Eye - Def Ear approach to anything that claims a quick fix substitution that simply does not exist in the real world out there.
  • You're better off having normal sugar in Smaller and safer amount for you, than to depend on what has hidden danger - that you cannot see. Let the stage of your current receptivity , bulimia treatment or bulimia recovery to guide you on you know what IS safe for you, once you pass that vulnerable place. 
  • Continually work on developing your Motivation to NORMALIZE your regular eating . This is key!
  • With it your ability to intuitively know the balance , away from faulty cognition of polarized thinking that You LOVE Sugar too much to HATING or Avoiding it all together! 
  • Knowing when you are hit by that sweet-tooth and how you would satisfy that sugar craving with natural sugar, fruits or dried fruits can be a better solution for times when your desire spins the sweet sugar way!
  • Riding out the waves of sugar craving, will give you an immense satisfaction knowing you are indeed working on your Inner Resilient Self, well away from those billion dollar Sweetener marketing industries! 

Power to you!

with warm wishes 

Vathani Navasothy
Eating Disorder Therapist, Group Facilitator; Webinarian; CBT -Selfhelp Author
BulimiaHope Facebook Page

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