Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bulimia Slip-Ups

Bulimia Slip-Ups

If you are like many bulimia sufferers, you will have tried to kick the bulimia habit a number of times. What normally happens is all will go well for a short period of time and then we will have a slip-up!

Remembering your last slip-up, which group of thought patterns accompanied your experience? Check all that apply!

Negative Thoughts

- Oh well, that's it. I may as well give up for today!
- My partner’s right, I am not good at anything. Me eating sensibly? Who am I trying to kid?
- So what if I've blown it, I deserve a treat anyway; why not make it a treat day and finish the rest of the biscuits?
- Everyone else is really good at sticking to their plans. That just proves I'm useless. Why don't I just forget all about it?
- I wish I hadn't had that – I didn't even want it. I’ll make sure that I swim a couple of extra lengths tonight at the pool.

But are these thoughts healthy?

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