Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How Assertive are You Continued

How Assertive are You Continued

So what is assertiveness? It is handling yourself and yourbehavior so that you manage situations and deal with peoplein a confident and self assured way. Working to reach a satisfactoryconclusion for everyone concerned; by listening to their viewand honestly and clearly expressing your own views and feelingsso that they are heard by the other people, withoutbeing hurtful, destructive or counter-productive.

Assertiveness is more than a technique - it is about:

* Handling difficult situations more effectively.
* Understanding where you are coming from.
* Understanding that you have choices; e.g., in this situation,I choose to… instead of: in this situation I have to or I must…
* Having a sense of self worth.
* Helping you control the way you feel about the world andthe people in it rather than the other way around.* Communicating in a way that enables the other person to listen.
* Recognizing your own and other people’s rights andresponsibilities.

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