Wednesday, November 23, 2005



Q: See how often the following attitudes feature in your life.

Score: 1 = always; 2 = most of the time; 3 = occasionally; 4 = never

1. I find it difficult to refuse requests that I should turn down.
2. I loose my temper in stressful situations.
3. I find it difficult to express my true feelings.
4. I am intimidated by loud, unpleasant people.
5. I am confident in new situations.
6. I plan difficult conversations.
7. I ask for what I want, even if it means I may hurt someone else's feelings.
8. I feel guilty when I ask for what I want.
9. My priority is other people's happiness.
10. My priority is my own happiness.
11. I find it difficult to say no to others about food.
12. I am a people pleaser, often finding myself saying "sorry"too much, and 'smiling to much.
13. When I feel helpless, do I tend to turn to over eating?
14. I feel very sensitive to criticism.
15. I take on too much responsibility most of the time.
16. I identify myself as one of the following types of eaters:

- angry eater
- emotionally drained eater
- stressed eater

There are no right or wrong answers. Some of the ratings willserve to reflect areas of your behavior about which you are unhappyand wish to do something about. Others will be entirely appropriate.

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