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Beat Bulimia Nervosa - 5 Steps To Setting Realistic Goals

Beat Bulimia Nervosa - 5 Steps To Setting Realistic Goals

How many times have you made the same old promises to
free yourself from bulimia?

Has another year passed by and are you still binging and

Do not despair! We will show you how to set realistic and
achievable goals.

Lets say, “stop vomiting” is your New Year's resolution.

However, if this is how you describe your goal then you will
find it hard to achieve because it does not focus on
anything positive or tangible.

Step 1 - Take a few minutes and think about why you make
yourself vomit.

For a Bulimic, it is usually the Binge its self!

Go deeper and think about what causes you to binge?

Often lack of a structured, healthy meal plan leaves you
hungry. Add an emotional crisis for good measure and
vomiting is not that far away!

Step 2 - Make your goal SMART!

S is for Specific. Instead of being vague like in the case of “not wanting to vomit”, focus on the reason why you binge…

Are you always hungry just before a binge takes place? If so
make a decision to eat healthy foods at regular intervals.

Step 3 - M is for Measurable

For example a typical goal related activity, could be
deciding to eat three healthy meals a day and three small
snacks to keep you going in between.

This is very easy to monitor. It is also very easy to
correct should you start to skip some of your meals or

Step 4 - A is for Achievable.

When you break your goal down into small chunks, your
goal becomes more Achievable!

Take one day at a time. So today plan what you are
going to eat tomorrow.

Step 5 - R is for Relevant

Remember to make your goal Relevant to you. Don't do it for
others, do it for you.

Step 6 - T is for Timely.

Allow yourself Time to achieve your goal.

For example, your target may be to eat three balanced meals a day
during the first week.

Second week you could focus on introducing a snack in
between each meal – up to 3 a day.

Third week, you may choose to experiment with foods you
consider risky or conducive to vomiting.

Remember, learn to jog a mile before attempting to run a


Make sure you truly understand why you have set this goal for yourself; also be aware of what could get in the way and how you will overcome any obstacles. By following the SMART process for goal setting you are 90% more likely to achieve your goal.

Now put this into practice and generate results for you.

Vathani Navasothy
e-mail: info@bulimiahope.com

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cooper said...

I think it is great that you have this here. I am watching a program about a bulimic woman and I think it is wonderful that you are helping people.