Monday, February 14, 2011

For People With Eating Disorders, "I Love You!" Should Start With "I Accept Me!"

As many of us world over celebrate the fun , festivities and fest of romance on this day of St Valentine’s day – there is a group of people who can barely accept who they are , what they look like in the mirror or what they have come to do! They are abundant with eating disorders like Bulimia, anorexia, binge eating behaviours, with the good dose of toxic self loathing, self hatred, and self dismissal instead .

For those of you struggling to accept who you are, what your body looks like or what it goes through when food enters the picture – relationship with others comes with it’s own share of challengers and problems.. You may be lucky enough to allow love or romance in to your life, but saying you like your self is not nearly as easy as saying you “I love you!” to another!!!

In fact many of you reading this, cringe at the mere thought of accepting your self, let alone come to love that bulimic self or bulimic body of yours! Yet declaring love to another seem much much easier; in fact becoming self-less seems almost all the rage for some.

So how do you break this vicious of cycle of self hate? The answer lies in your ability to forgive your self first , with all your perfectionist tendencies ...impossible.. it is not!

We at BulimiaHope can help you fall in love with your self once again! We can help you appreciate and honour your inner beauty you DO possess! We can help you look at your self naked, without the bulimia tinted glasses, but instead communicate that self love to attract abundant , admiring and adoring love your way!

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovely readers!

You are worthy of this universal love ..self love ….and love of others !

Visit us at to claim your self loving self back by learning the art of self forgiveness

with warm wishes


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